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Announcing Special Summer Music Program
with Ph.D. J. Jarrett - Vocal Technique Studio May-August 2018

Private & Small Group Workshops

Music Theory/Songwriting


Pro Band Rehearsal Techniques

Email for pricing: Series Packages or Single Sessions
Increase your skills, tighten your band’s rehearsals, improve harmonies, rhythm and arrangements.
Improve your writing, your vocals, and get your songs down on paper on easy to make charts.
What students say:
“I can hear myself improving month-to-month. I have gone so far beyond what I thought I was capable of.” (Excerpt Matt Bruner)
“I began taking lessons not knowing much about vocal performance or vocal care, but in a short time, not only was I more knowledgeable… I got to know myself a lot more…” (Excerpt Margaret Adams)
“I just wanted you to know how much my singing lessons with you have meant to me. I am singing up a storm now, still learning but I can stay in key and I am finally able to express some emotion in my voice.” (Excerpt Vicki Gann)
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Voice Lessons, Songwriting, Music Theory
Which can include Arranging, Notation, Sightsinging, Sightreading,
Audition Prep, Band/Rehearsal Techniques
Children to Adults, Beginners to Advanced
You Do Not Have to Read Music or Have Prior Lessons
All Genres Appreciated (Except those harmful to the instrument)

Voice lessons for singer/songwriters can also include song evaluation/analysis, arranging, instrumentation, etc..
Voice students can incorporate music theory, ear training,
and sight singing for competitions.
Those who play by ear can learn appropriate notation systems.
Lessons are individualized to the needs of the student and his or her goals.

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