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Good Technique is Freeing
Relaxed Singing is the Path to Good Technique.

  • Relaxed singing depends on properly working breath support. (“Connecting the breath.”)
  • Proper breath support & a relaxed approach support singing in tune, with resonance & beauty. Not to mention confidence!
  • Private lessons in VTS focus on you developing 1) more strength 2) greater expressiveness & 3) lifelong healthy vocal habits.
  • There is nothing like singing fully relaxed & toned - no matter what musical style you love.
  • Vocal lessons at VTS can also integrate other important music skills: songwriting, music theory, sight singing, rehearsal techniques, comping, score (chart) preparation, arranging, etc.


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I welcome children to adult students who want to improve their singing & overall musicianship. With diverse professional performance experience & degrees in world music, I appreciate virtually all genres my students wish to sing with a few exceptions. In good conscience, I cannot encourage styles that harm the instrument.
I adhere to teaching methods that protect the voice & assume my students want to have a longterm ability to sing. Good technique is the best protection from strain or injury, regardless of how demanding the style. Depending on student goals, lessons also include songwriting, composition, arranging, notation, sight singing, rehearsal techniques & ear training.

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My fundamental role is to help each student find greater expressiveness & confidence. In the process, each will gain more strength, flexibility, better intonation & resonance. The best quality a student can bring to the lessons is patience, both with the process of physiological change, & with his or her own rate of progress.


The pedagogy I rely on is largely based on that developed by an unequalled mentor I was fortunate enough to meet some years ago. His teaching materials are invaluable & based on a deeper understanding of the vocal instrument than any other source I have sought over the years. Please visit the Resources Page & see Roland Wyatt’s section. I recommend the use of his warmup exercises when a student has learned enough of the overall approach. Done correctly, his exercises are the most effective I have ever used or reviewed.


I have taught voice, music theory, history, survey & performance for years to students of all ages in schools, colleges, community programs & private lessons. Over 12 years ago I found myself balancing 2 teaching jobs with free lance writing, performing & lecturing. However, the community school closed unexpectedly, & soon after the university had yet another cutback. I was left with at least 30 private vocal students with no place to teach them. That’s when I started my own “school,” Vocal Technique Studio.

SheetMusicPlus has tens of thousands of published music and books. The link below takes you to the current promotion. They now offer sheet music downloads as well. Please see the Resources page for local vendors we need to patronize in order to keep them in business for the future. They will help you find what you need or order what you’ve decided to buy.

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